Lloyds National Business Awards – The Presentation

On Friday we presented to the Lloyds business awards for, ‘New Business of the Year,’ We have had the pleasure of making it into the finals. Consequently we’re competing against the best new businesses across the entire UK. This is quite possibly one of the biggest presentations we’ve had to give. Competition against us is fierce. For a hugely important National Business Award, this isn’t really a surprise. The calibre of contestants is incredibly high. Previous winners including Bol Foods and the Body Coach.

On our earlier than necessary arrival in London. We made our way to Lloyds headquarters. A glass fronted, very impressive building and upon introductions were ushered into a sitting area. The panel of 5 judges from established businesses across London awaited our presentation. We needed to expand on our award entry, touching on our company aims, our ethics and how we have exceeded our own expectations since our launch.

The Presentation

After brief introductions we got down to business. Highlighting our impressive growth over the last two years, especially as we have gone from connecting 10 customers a day to over 750. Our inclusive development of staff, resulting in 96% of staff stating that they’re happy working with us. In addition to how we’re actively making it as easy as possible for UK customers to get the Life Insurance advice that they need. While we listed these points, the judges seemed impressed with our progress.

At the end the judges quick fired questions. Keeping us on our toes the judges asked how we keep customers details secure? We listed how our system is locked-down by IP. In addition to this we also use two-factor-authentication. What if customers aren’t happy? Since we make our privacy policy, unsubscribe and complaints processes easy, this doesn’t tend to happen. However if and when it does, we act within 24 hours.

 Will We Win?

We really hope so. The final will take place on the 14th November in London. We can’t wait to find out who the winner is. Regardless of wether it is us or not, making it to the finals of such a prestigious National Business Award is fantastic. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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